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Daily Entertainment- Free with General Admission


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The performance begins with gypsy music, aerial dancing, and heart-pounding acrobatic feats on galloping horseback. Passionately illustrating the effortless extraordinary bond between horse and man. The entertainment to be seen is unlike any other traveling show in the world! A completely original experience appealing to all age groups, with exotic breeds of horses and breathtaking images…Mesmerizing acrobatic feats, aerial dancing, and exotic horses, come feast your senses on the beauty and mystery through the adventure of Cirque Ma'Ceo.

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Catherine Hickland's Comedy Hypnosis Show

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Catherine Hickland's Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show & Other Mind Amazements



American Actress, Entertainer, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Professional Hypnotist - Catherine Hickland is best known for her starring roles on Daytime Television, and Broadway, most notably as the award winning role of Lindsay Rappaport on ABC's One Life To Live.

One of the very few females in the business of Hypnosis as stage entertainment, Cat is at of the top of her field, as one of the most sought after hypnotists today. She performs well over one-hundred Motivational and Inspirational Comedy Hypnosis shows a year.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be truly free in your imagination? To be without a care, without doubt of your abilities, fear, and without a thought about what other people would think if you just... let go and cross over to the dream state in an instant? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be truly...UNLIMITED? Welcome to Catherine Hickland's Hypnotic World.

This show is fast paced, hilarious, family friendly, or tailored to your event. And best of all, it's clean. In other words, you can bring your mother without worrying if she will have a heart attack or writing you out of the will (even if you wind up getting up on stage!)

Whether she is Headlining at State Fairs or a Corporate Event, Catherine unlocks the volunteers minds and allows them to perform beyond their friends, family, colleagues, and their own wildest imagination, engineering their dreams and fantasies, and the result is tears-rolling-down-your-cheeks laughter for the entire audience. It is nothing short of Magical and Mystifying! Performing well over 200 shows a year, Catherine creates fun and awe at every event. When is the Last time you had real fun?

One of the very few females in the field of hypnotism, this Las Vegas Trained Hypnotist has hypnotized FOX news reporters and hosts as well as countless DJ's across the country, earning her the nickname, "The Hip-Hypnotist".

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Extreme Raptors

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They’re fierce, feathered and fantastic, winging your way in an avian extravaganza that captures the spirit of the wild. Extreme Raptors is the premium wildlife production, featuring birds of prey like you’ve never seen them before. Eagles, Hawks, Falcons and Owls are cleared for takeoff! The show begins with an historic peek into medieval times when falconry was called the “sport of kings” for ladies, knights and nobleman.With a supporting cast of wingspans up to eight feet wide there is non-stop, riveting action, music, and comedy.

The real stars of the show are the birds themselves, charismatic creatures with saber curved beaks and talons that command respect and rivet attention. Although many of the flock have permanent handicaps barring their re-entry into the wild, these flaws are hard to detect. Some of the birds indeed faced euthanization at crowded wildlife centers across the country and have now been tamed and trained as charming ambassadors for their species and the environments they inhabit.

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Wishing Star Farms

Petting Zoo!

Petting Zoo!

Wishing Star Farms Petting Zoo!
Come meet our barnyard friends from Wishing Star Farms.

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